Chiropractic Prices

image of Discount Certificate

Above is Our Classic New Patient Discount Certificate

People from our community have been using this for many years now

It offers the services detailed below for just £20. 

No strings, No Add-ons & No hidden fees

These Days You No Longer Need to Download the Certificate

Simply call us on:  020 8508 9377 and say that you would like to make an Appointment as a New Patient using our Special Discount

Our staff will instantly recognise what you are saying and begin to guide you through making a New Patient Appointment

What Is Included In Your Discounted New Patient Offer?


First you will sit down one-to-one with our Chiropractor who will listen to your version of what is causing your health issue, how it affects your life and then take down detailed measurements that can be compared to those we will take as your health improves with treatment.


Next the Chiropractor will carry out a thorough Orthopaedic, Neurological & Chiropractic Examination leaving no stone unturned. It is our goal to offer our patients the most thorough examination they have ever had concerning the health problem they present us with.


Finally the Chiropractor will decide whether it will be beneficial to your case to take X-rays.  If so they will be taken immediately using our on-site Digital X-ray facility so you will not need to wait or be referred elsewhere.


Once we have all the necessary information we will study your case carefully and prepare a detailed Report of Findings & care program. After we have presented you with these findings you will be in the best possible position to decide whether Chiropractic care is right for you.

CALL US NOW ON:  020 8508 9377


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